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Bathroom Sinks at Builders Surplus

“Quality Bathroom Sinks at Surplus Prices”

YEE HAA!!! There are thousands of sink options available online and at brick and mortar stores. Bathroom sinks are broken down into several different categories based on how they are fitted to the countertop.

Undermount Sinks are installed underneath the actually countertop so that less of the sink is showing. A very popular design that creates a seamless look.

Top Mount Sinks are the most common type of sinks that are seen in bathrooms. This style sits directly on the countertop. Less costly to install and capable of being adhered to many different countertop types.

Wall Mount Sinks do not require a bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinet to attach to. This style is attached directly to the wall of the bathroom. Great for small spaces the wall mount sink is unique in that the plumbing is all hidden within the wall.

Vessel Sinks sit directly on top of the countertop and create a centerpiece for the bathroom. This style will give you a lot of depth and can hold a lot of water.

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